City Escapes Nature Photography Art Gallery provides quality limited edition photos while contributing to conservation of our resources. We sell limited edition nature, wildlife, and landscape photographs and donate 1 percent of gross sales to charity.
Greeting Cards

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Our 5 x 7 greeting cards are printed on traditional cardstock, glossy on the front and back, with blank matte insides - perfect for writing your own messages. Each boxed set of ten includes two of each image shown. Envelopes included.

*Images marked with an asterisk are not available as Gallery Prints.

Greeting Cards: Christmas



This special Christmas set has Holiday messages preprinted on the inside of the cards. Includes the following images and messages:

  • The Color of Fog Lake Louise: Wishing You a Peaceful Holiday Season
  • Yellow Lilies: Season's Greetings
  • Blades and Berries: Happy Holidays
  • Red Fox in Snow*: Joy to You, Joy to the World
  • Grace in Retreat - Mute Swans: May the warmth of the season remain with you throughout the year

  • Greeting Cards: The Overview Pack


    The Overview Pack

    Includes the following images: Water Poles; The Stare - Bull Moose; Snoqualmie Falls by Night; Iridescence - Butterfly; and A Nation's Pride - Wounded


    Greeting Cards: Africa



    Includes the following images: King of the Hill - Klipspringer; Layers of Africa; Sunset Silhouettes - Acacias; Watercolor Rhinoceros; and Windows to Ancient Wisdom - Bull Elephant


    Greeting Cards: Wild Cats


    Wild Cats

    Includes the following images: A King in Waiting - Lion Cub; Delight - Serval; Imminent Arrival - Lioness; Pausing for a Profile - Lion; and Mottled - Leopard


    Greeting Cards: Trees



    Includes the following images: Acacia Sunset; Blue Dusk - Acacias; False Fire Sky; Ghost Forest; and A Mess of Moss*


    Greeting Cards: Water



    Includes the following images: Green Sand Beach - Hawaii; Na Pali Coast from the Kalalau Trail; Salish Lodge in Snoqualmie Mist; Snoqualmie Evening; and Dragonfly Creek


    Greeting Cards: Goofballs



    Includes the following images: Elk Yoga; Hide and Seek; Making Faces - Lion Cub; Treetop Bath - Leopard; and Diggin' It - Black Bear


    Greeting Cards: The Arctic


    The Arctic

    Includes the following images: Arctic Arch - Iceberg; Cool Curiosity - Polar Bear; Going with the Floe - Walrus*; Ice Prancing - Polar Bear; and Running Wild - Musk Oxen*


    Greeting Cards: Polar Bears


    Polar Bears

    Includes the following images: Evening Jog - Polar Bear*; Forty Winks - Polar Bear; Ice Queen - Polar Bear; Lounging in the Arctic Shallows - Polar Bear*; and Puddle Jumper - Polar Bears


    Greeting Cards: Custom 10-pack


    Custom 10-pack

    Pick your one favorite card from any listed above and get a 10-pack of that card. Be sure to specify the picture that you want in the detailed instructions when you place your order. Note, we cannot have multiple images in 1 pack.


    "Nature is art brought to life: often beautiful and inspiring, always fragile and in need of loving care" -- Jodi Gaylord

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