City Escapes Nature Photography Art Gallery provides quality limited edition photos while contributing to conservation of our resources. We sell limited edition nature, wildlife, and landscape photographs and donate 1 percent of gross sales to charity.
About Us

CITY ESCAPES is a small company, formed October 1, 2006.

Our company is based on two core beliefs:

  • Quality is critical, and
  • Nature is an integral part of all our lives, deserving -- and in need of -- preservation.

We strive to provide you an outstanding product at a fair price. While we realize that our prices may be slightly higher than some of our competitors, we believe the quality that we provide is the best available. We custom frame our pictures ourselves, using UV-blocking, conservation grade glass (on non-canvas prints) and acid-free materials. We are also committed to ensuring you are pleased with your purchase. If, within 30 days of receiving your purchase you find that the photograph does not fit within the decor of your home, we will gladly exchange it for another image. Should your image become damaged at any point, we will work with you to restore your art to its original luster.

We are extremely fortunate to be able to travel the world and experience animals in their natural habitats, and we have been lucky enough to preserve some of these experiences through our photographs. However, we firmly believe that nature should not just be preserved in pictures. The wilderness, in all of its magnificence, is also fragile. As much as we want to bring a bit of the wild into your home, we hope as well to inspire you to protect our precious natural resources. As part of our own commitment to improving the prospects for wildlife, we contribute 1% of our gross sales annually to charities, such as the Nature Conservancy, focused on good environmental stewardship and preservation. We also continually strive to minimize our own environmental impact as we create high-quality products.

We hope you enjoy the photographs we have taken, and that they motivate you to revel in and protect our beloved Mother Nature.

"Nature is art brought to life: often beautiful and inspiring, always fragile and in need of loving care" -- Jodi Gaylord

City Escapes Nature Photography Fine Art Gallery

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All photographs are Copyrighted by City Escapes Nature Photography.
Any use of these pictures without written permission is expressly forbidden.