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Full-Bodied Yawn -- Hippopotamus
Limited Edition Print

Limited Edition Nature Art Print (Photography) for sale. Full-Bodied Yawn -- Hippopotamus. Wildlife photograph:  Misc_animals, Lake Manyara, Tanzania, Africa, Hippo, Hippopotamus

Released 2009-10-03

Hippopotamus, Hippopotamus amphibus

Hippopotamuses are never far from water -- their skin is surprisingly thin and cracks easily if it dries out. A great deal of the hippo's life is spent more or less submerged in rivers and hippo pools, where sleeping, mating, and general wallowing occur. This particular hippo took the opportunity for a huge stretch, coupled with a classic wide-mouthed yawn, and then began to roll over and over in the water, like a barrel.

This is a limited edition photograph with a total of 100 photos printed across all sizes, as noted

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"Nature is art brought to life: often beautiful and inspiring, always fragile and in need of loving care" -- Jodi Gaylord

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