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Golden Angel's Trumpets
Limited Edition Print

Limited Edition Nature Art Print (Photography) for sale. Golden Angel's Trumpets. Landscape photograph:  Flowers, Kauai, Hawaii, Flowers

Released 2009-10-03

Golden Angel's Trumpets, Brugmansia aurea

The Golden Angel's Trumpet is a small tree native to the Andean highlands of South America. While the tree itself normally only grows to around 15 feet (though it can reach 30 feet), its gorgeous hanging flowers can be over a foot long. They are quite fragrant, especially on warm nights, but the flowers' allure is misleading: every part of the plant is poisonous to humans. Ingestion of the plant causes convulsions, seizures, delirium and stupor. It is precisely because of these effects that the shamans of many native tribes have used the Angel's Trumpet in various rituals for centuries. It was believed that during their delirium, the shamans could communicate with the spirit world or predict the future. Some believed that children under the influence of the plant could locate gold. It was used to treat arthritis, stomach pains, and sore throats. Though it is unknown how efficacious it was in treating these ailments, one thing is for certain: when the delirium wore off, a frightfully painful hangover invariably ensued.

This is a limited edition photograph with a total of 100 photos printed across all sizes, as noted

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"Nature is art brought to life: often beautiful and inspiring, always fragile and in need of loving care" -- Jodi Gaylord

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