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The Tree House -- Leopard
Limited Edition Print

Limited Edition Nature Art Print (Photography) for sale. The Tree House -- Leopard. Wildlife photograph:  Leopards, Serengeti, Tanzania, Africa, Leopard

Released 2009-06-01

Panthera pardus

Leopards make their homes in the canopies of tall trees. This has several distinct advantages for them, among them being keeping both themselves and their dinners safe from other predatory animals. Incredibly strong animals, leopards will often haul antelope that they have caught into high branches and cache them there.

When a mother leopard is ready to cut the ties with her adolescent offspring, she will cache two different catches in two different trees. While her offspring is busy feasting on one, the mother will slip off. The youngster believes that she has gone off to the second kill, and generally will not follow until it is finished eating. By that point, though, the mother will have gone, a fact the newly independent leopard will discover upon eventually returning to the second cache.

This is a limited edition photograph with a total of 500 photos printed across all sizes, as noted

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"Nature is art brought to life: often beautiful and inspiring, always fragile and in need of loving care" -- Jodi Gaylord

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