City Escapes Nature Photography Art Gallery provides quality limited edition photos while contributing to conservation of our resources. We sell limited edition nature, wildlife, and landscape photographs and donate 1 percent of gross sales to charity.
Who we are

When you find yourself in a place where the landscape takes your breath away, and there is a fair chance that out of the quiet stillness a moose might come lumbering forth to surprise you, then you are in a place we love to be.

Wildlife delights us. Majestic animals, like the eagle and the bear, instill in us a certain reverence. Cute little animals make us want to cuddle up with the little furballs. And, if we wait patiently enough, all of them can make us laugh. When we picture these amazing creatures, though, we cannot forget another aspect of their appeal: the magnificent landscapes in which they find themselves. The natural world is bursting with an untold number of amazing scenes.

City Escapes Nature Photography sprung out of our wonder and awe at such naturally artistic images. How could we be privy to such beauty and not want to share our excitement with others? As such, we are pleased to offer for sale limited edition prints of several wildlife and landscape photographs we have been fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to take. Like nature itself, some are serene, some comical, and others puzzling -- at least at first glance -- but all reflect the art that is everywhere around us.

Jodi Gaylord is our Photographer In Chief (PIC), as well as our President and CEO. She is the creative talent behind the company, as well as the original inspiration for creating the company. She spends as much time as possible behind her camera, and hopes that the results of her work inspire you to embrace nature.

Terence Critchlow is our Secretary, Treasurer, and all-around Web Guru. While he often prefers to stay behind and keep the back office running smoothly, on the especially fun trips he revels in the opportunity to assist Jodi in the field.

"Nature is art brought to life: often beautiful and inspiring, always fragile and in need of loving care" -- Jodi Gaylord

City Escapes Nature Photography Fine Art Gallery

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